The Impossible list.

I have decided to post my updated Impossible List on it’s own page on this blog here. I started my list back in 2015 and kept it in my notebook and on an old blog I had, so I’ve pasted it into it’s own page on here and added lots of new things. I’ve not removed previously completed things as I like being able to see what I’ve done so far, even if it’s been a while since I last achieved something.

But what exactly is an Impossible List? It’s similar to a bucket list, except it’s not a list of things you want to do but will probably never do and won’t really think about doing until you’re nearing your end in which you’ll be filled with regret. I like to think of it as a life long to do list and it motivates you to take action to get things done. The Impossible List was created by ‘Joel Runyon’ over on his website ‘Impossible HQ’ see this link here for his description of the list and what it is to him.

My list is divided into several categories and within some of those I’ve made sub-categories. I’ve also broken down some of the larger goals into several smaller goals to help build my plan of attack to get things done. I’ll be continuing to add and subtract things as time goes on. I highly suggest creating a list for yourself and posting it somewhere to hold yourself accountable like I have done with this blog.

Below I’ll link some of my favourite Impossible Lists by other people for you to look at and get inspiration;

3 thoughts on “The Impossible list.

  1. Apparently I had a WordPress account since Dec. 2012. Go figure.

    I’m glad you shared your polymath post. I haven’t really heard about the Impossible List until now, and it looks interesting. I’m brainstorming a bit, but will likely write a post about it later.


    1. I really like the idea of the Impossible List, make sure you let me know if you make one, I’d love to see what you put on it. I’m hoping to make a polymath specific post in the future, with an explanation on what polymath is and more details.


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